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Stewart, Donald Migration, Acculturation, Paper presented at the Stewart, Donald. Migration,

and Migrants' "Ethno- Conference on Culture and Acculturation, and Migrants' **Ethno-

Communication (Temple sociology**. Paper presented at the

Univ., Philadelphia, 13-15 Conference on Culture and

Mar., 1975). Communication (Temple Univ.,

Philadelphia, 13-15 Mar., 1975).

Stone, Chuck The Psychology of Address given before the Stone, Chuck. The Psychology of

Whiteness vs. the Politics of 42nd Annual Meeting of the Whiteness vs. the Politics of

Blackness: An Educational Eastern Psychological Blackness: An Educational Power

Power Struggle Association, New York, Struggle. Address given before the 42nd

N.Y., April 15, 1971 Annual Meeting of the Eastern

Psychological Association, New York,

N.Y., April 15, 1971.

Stratton, J. Seinfeld is a Jewish Sitcom, Coming Out Jewish. New Stratton, J. “Seinfeld is a Jewish

Isn’t It? York: Routledge, 2000 Sitcom, Isn’t It?” Coming Out Jewish.

New York: Routledge, 2000.

Thomas, Charles R. Unique Problems Speech given before Thomas, Charles R. Unique Problems

Confronting Black School American Association of Confronting Black School

Administrators School Administrators Administrators. Speech given before

Annual Convention (104th, American Association of School

Atlantic City, New Jersey, Administrators Annual Convention

February 12-16, 1972) (104th, Atlantic City, New Jersey,

February 12-16, 1972).

Thompson, Audrey Entertaining Doubts: In Passion and Pedagogy: Thompson, Audrey. “Entertaining

Enjoyment and Ambiguity in Relation, Creation, and Doubts: Enjoyment and Ambiguity in

White, Antiracist Transformation in Teaching, White, Antiracist Classrooms.” In

edited by Elijah Mirochnik Passion and Pedagogy: Relation,

and Debora C. Sherman, Creation, and Transformation in

431–52. New York: Peter Teaching, edited by Elijah Mirochnik

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York: Peter Lang, 2002.

Yang, Julia Chilly Campus Climate: A [No source listed in ERIC] Yang, Julia. Chilly Campus Climate: A

Qualitative Study on White 1992 Qualitative Study on White Racial

Racial IDentity Development IDentity Development Attitudes. [Cited

Attitudes. from ERIC database; original source not


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