We do hope that visitors to our Mandala Gates would like the new format of our website for its ease of accessing information. It should prove useful to different categories of visitors to our website: those seeking detailed references, or information about awards, scholarships etc., or on India's contributions to the world heritage of science and technology, and also about non-literate Traditional Knowledge Systems. Articles and books will be reviewed to facilitate access to detailed information. We will be happy to provide an interface to our visitors in case they would like to contact the authors of essays and of the articles and books reviewed. The Overviews are meant to introduce the field covered by a particular gate of the Mandala.

Our stories are aimed at providing glimpses of the heights of achievements of ancient India, of its scientists, artisans, engineers, physicians, metallurgists etc. These stories have to be culled from a variety of sources and all efforts are made to ensure their authenticity. But ultimate responsibility for their authenticity lies with the authors of the quoted articles and books. We therefore give all the references that go in presenting a story.

We do hope that the new format will increase the interaction between the visitors and the editors of the Website.

– The Editors
D.P. Agrawal, PhD
Oskar von Hinüber, PhD
Virendra Nath Misra, PhD
Gregory Louis Possehl, PhD
Michael Witzel, PhD

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