CV: Charu Smita Gupta, PhD

Brief Bio-Data

Name: Charu Smita Gupta, PhD

Permanent Address:

Mailing Address: Dr. Charu Smita Gupta
Deputy Director
Office: National Resource Center
National Institute of Fashion Technology,
M/O Textiles, Govt. of India,
Haus Khas New Delhi 110-016

Residence: 1601 Pataudi House, Daryaganj,
New Delhi 110002

Phone: Office: 91-011-685 1456 [direct]; 91-011-6965080; 6964771 ] ext.412; Residence: 91-011- 3257067
Fax: Office: 91-011-6851198


I possess a doctorate degree in Museology from Calcutta University and Master of science degree in Social Anthropology from Delhi University.

Professional Experience:

Work Experience/ professional expertise in fashion resource/museum collection management, research/ documentation, education nearly 26 years



As an academic scholar I have authored

As Academic Visitor to Victoria and Albert Museum, London -1990

Experience related to activities at NIFT:

Other important assignments are as below:


Chronological sequence of the publications:

A. Books

" Zardozi: Glittering Gold Embroidery", Abhinav Publication, New Delhi,1996

Chapter in Book
"Cultural vision for the tribal Fashions : a journey through the millenium", chapter in the book Evolving Trends in Fashion, The NIFT Millenium Document-2000, NIFT New Delhi, 2000,pp.17-26

B. Journals, Magazines, Newspapers

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