Oskar von Hinueber (Hinüber), PhD
Editor, Traditional Knowledge Systems

Name: Oskar von Hinueber (Hinüber)

Place of Birth: Hannover

Date of Birth: 1939

Education: 1960-66 studied at Tuebigen, Erlangen and Mainz Universities
PhD at Mainz U., 1966

Research Interests:

Specializations: Pali, Sanskrit, Middle Indo-Aryan (Gandhari, etc.), Saka, Thai; history of technology in S. Asia; inscriptions of the Northwest (Gilgit, etc.), manuscripts (S. and SE Asia);

Professional Experience:

1965 – Assistant/Asssociate Prof. at University of Mainz, Germany
1981 – Prof. of Indology at the Univ. of Freiburg, Germany

Director, Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Program and Nepal Research Center, 1978.
many memberships and honorary positions such as Pali Text Society (GB), etc.