Columbia University

These grants were used for the following two topics: 
1) Non-Duality Project, 2) The Center for Buddhist Studies at Columbia. 

The Non-Duality grant is being used to support advanced courses specially dedicated to the issue of non-dualism. Also, a seminar on Non-dualism in  Indian and Tibetan Thought are being taught by Gary Tubb and Robert Thurman with assistance of two advanced graduate students from Columbia University's  program in Buddhist Studies. There are two advanced courses taught,  in reading Advaita Vedanta texts in Sanskrit. 

The Center for Buddhist Studies grant is being used for translating and publishing Indian and Tibetan works, along with commentary and essays on  how these teachings could be incorporated into a modern context. The  objective is to provide educational and reference material to scholars,  students and lay persons in the Western world, that would enable them  to understand and benefit from the findings of the ancient meditative and contemplative traditions of the East.