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A Symposium on the white issue, the A Symposium on Whiteness (1995,

Whiteness (1995, Carnegie minnesota review, Fall 1996 Carnegie Mellon University). the white

Mellon University). (series date), pp. 115-131. issue, the minnesota review, Fall 1996

(series date), pp. 115-131.

Television transcript

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CBS News 48 Hours, December 5, Transcribed by Burrelle's CBS News. 48 Hours, December 5,

1996. Transcripts. 1996. Transcribed by Burrelle's


Training manual

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Hennessy, Stephen M.; A Cultural Awareness Scottsdale, AZ: Leadership Hennessy, Stephen M.; Warring,

Warring, Douglas F.; Trainer's Manual for Law Inc. of Scottsdale, 1996. Douglas F.; Cornett-DeVito, Myrna M.;

Cornett-DeVito, Myrna M.; Enforcement Officers - Arnott, James S. and Heuett Jr., Gerald

Arnott, James S. and Fourth Edition. H. A Cultural Awareness Trainer's

Heuett Jr., Gerald H. Manual for Law Enforcement Officers -

Fourth Edition. Scottsdale, AZ:

Leadership Inc. of Scottsdale, 1996.

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Allen, W. B. Response to a ‘White Educational Researcher 22 Allen, W. B. “Response to a ‘White

Discourse on Racism (1993): 11–13 Discourse on Racism.’” Educational

Researcher 22 (1993): 11–13.

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