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Race Relations - Part 3 Weekend Edition - Sunday, "Race Relations - Part 3," Weekend

National Public Radio Edition - Sunday, National Public Radio

(NPR), November 5, 1995. (NPR), November 5, 1995.

Sex in America -- Page 5 All Things Considered, **Sex in America -- Page 5,** All

National Public Radio Things Considered, National Public

(NPR), January 20, 1995. Radio (NPR), January 20, 1995.


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Summary Report of The New York, 1994. Report of The National Conference

National Conference Survey Survey on Inter-Group Relations. The

on Inter-Group Relations. National Conference, New York, 1994.

Russell, Lucy For Whites Only: A Report Providence, RI: Rhode Russell, Lucy. For Whites Only: A

of Race Discrimination Island Commission for Report of Race Discrimination

Practices by RhodeIsland's Human Rights, 1975 Practices by RhodeIsland's Real Estate

Real Estate Industry Industry. Providence, RI: Rhode Island

Commission for Human Rights, 1975.

Series paper

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Abedian, Iraj and Barry An Economic Inquiry into Rondebosch : Southern Abedian, Iraj and Barry Standish. An

Standish the Poor White Saga. Africa Labour and Economic Inquiry into the Poor White

Development Research Unit, Saga. Rondebosch : Southern Africa

1985. Labour and Development Research

Unit, 1985.

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Diversity: A Hierarchy of Occasional Papers, 1993. Diversity: A Hierarchy of Action for

Action for White Male White Male Managers. The Diversity

Managers. Factor, Occasional Papers, 1993.

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